Enrollment Pack Options

X-Caps Basic Enrollment (50 Caps)
$99.95 + $29.95 Fee = $129.90
(plus shipping and applicable sales tax)

This pack includes 10 each of the 5-pack blisters for a total of 50 X-Caps.

X-Caps Builders Pack (100 Caps)
$199.95 + $29.95 Fee = $229.90
(plus shipping and applicable sales tax)

This Silver Builders Pack includes 20 each of the 5-pack blisters for a total of 100 caps.

Cellvida X-Caps Basic Enrollment
$71.95 + $29.95 Fee = $101.90
(plus shipping and applicable sales tax)

This pack includes (1) bottle of Cellvida plus (2) of the Pre-Launch 5-pack Premium X-Caps.

Builders Experience Pack
$199.95 + $29.95 Fee = $229.90
(plus shipping and applicable sales tax)

This pack includes (1) Cellvida, (1) Neutralizer, (1) Greens plus (6) of the Pre-Launch 5-pack X-Caps.

A Revolutionary Business Opportunity

There is a $29.95 annual membership fee to set up and maintain your replicated websites and MPGXTREME back office.

Your membership includes:

• Access to purchase products at wholesale pricing
• Replicated websites to promote products and opportunity
• Back office to track sales, commissions, genealogy reports, etc.
• Receive alerts when you make a sale or get a new signup
• Potential to earn weekly and monthly commissions
• Training conference calls, webinars, videos, etc.

Enrollment Steps Summary:

1.) Sign Up: You will start by entering your email address and filling out the form with your information to create an account for you. This will allow you to purchase an Enrollment Pack to become an Independent Sales Rep (ISR).

2.) CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGE:  Next you will choose one of the product enrollment packs.  All enrollment packs have at least 50 QV, so you will meet the personal volume requirement to be eligible for commissions.  The Enrollment Packs will give you the benefits listed above.  The $29.95 fee will be added as an individual item to all the enrollment packs.  See package options below.

3.) MONTHLY AUTOSHIP:  After you choose your enrollment pack, you can set up your monthly AutoShip order for the following month.  Simply add the products you want and choose your Starting Date from the drop-down arrow.  Then hit "Continue" to proceed to checkout.  The AutoShip option is recommended, but not required.  You can also change your AutoShip order or cancel it at anytime by logging into your account.

4.) REVIEW:  After choosing your AutoShip products and you click on Continue, you will come to the last step to Review your order.  The Summary will show the total amount you will be paying today, and the AutoShip will show the products you have chosen and the starting date.  Here is where you will see the $29.95 annual fee added to your order total.

If you want to make changes to your enrollment pack or your monthly autoship, simply click on the GREEN CIRCLES in the progress bar.  It will retain your contact information, but you can choose a different pack or different products for your AutoShip.

Once you are ready to pay for your order, simply fill out the credit card form with the name on the credit card and your billing address for your card.  Then hit the button to process your order.  You will receive a confirmation Thank You page after submitting your order.  Please allow it time to complete and do NOT hit the button more than once.

Note:  Should you decide to finish the enrollment process later, all you need to do is login to your account by clicking on Sign In at the top right corner of the page.  This will log you into your Retail account.  Then click on the Join Us to start the enrollment process again and it will give you this notice... You are upgrading from Retail Customer to Independent Sales Rep.