1 Month Travel Membership PC - US


SKU: 9002PC-US

$49.95 / delivery

Product Description

This item is a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION which includes:

1 month access to the Xtreme Travel AI Membership including exclusive access to a variety of travel related benefits including great prices for airfare, rental cars and hotels/resorts globally!
We've done the comparisons and our AI powered platform is a one-of-a-kind booking engine that is only available to MPGXtreme Travel members. 
Participate in amazing packages all over the world including once-in-a-lifetime, "Bucket List Trips" and “Last Minute” steals!
Simply look, click and book! We handle the rest!
*Please Note: Since this is a monthly subscription, your first payment of $49.95 will start with your purchase today and you will be charged the same amount each month you continue your membership. If a monthly membership is cancelled, a $200 reactivation fee will be required to restart the MPGXtreme Travel Membership.